How Off-Page SEO Services Work

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How Off-Page SEO Services Work

Off-page SEO refers to the activities performed outside the boundary of your site to increase its search engine friendliness. Off-page SEO has the same level of importance as on-page SEO. It accounts for 50% of the organic traffic while on-page SEO accounts the rest half of the traffic. The main components of off-page SEO services campaign are link building, and social media promotion.

Obtaining Good Backlinks
Link building in a SEO service involves obtaining good backlinks for your site. To the search engine, having more backlinks means your site is more useful. This is based on the viewpoints that useful sites are more likely for people to point a link to from their sites.

Good link from an established authority site is many times better than a link from a normal site. The SEO company will help your site to obtain good backlinks naturally. Natural links means the owner of the site spontaneously link to your site.

Guest Posting
Many SEO companies use guest posting as a valid way to obtain good links for your site. The SEO experts know what to do to get your guest post accepted at a popular site. An expert writer will write an engaging post that is optimized with keywords and submit it to the guest posting site.

They will submit new guest posts to different guest posting sites regularly so that your backlinks can increase naturally. When the guest post is published, they will promote it so that it gets traffic and lots of comments. This allows your site to receive a lot of referral traffic that can in turn boost your CTR.

Social Media Marketing and Social Bookmarking
In off-page SEO services, the SEO consultant can also use social media platform to promote your site. The link posted on the social media platform is no-follow. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t contribute any value. In fact, social bookmarking a post on a social media platform can boost its ranking on the search result.

The SEO consultant will set up an account on the social media platform. He will write a bio and upload a picture for the profile. He will also help your profile to get a lot of relevant followers. He will be responsible in replying to any comment posted on the social media profile to maintain the customer relationship.

Posting a new post on the social media sites enable it to get crawled and indexed faster. People who like the social bookmarked post will take the initiative to share it on their social media accounts. If your link gets good traffic from the social media platform, you don’t have to be dependent on Google traffic anymore.

Benefits of Off-Page Optimization

Over time, through persistent off page optimization campaign, your site will start to rank for the targeted keywords. You will see more people coming from the organic search engine traffic in your analytics. The SEO company will provide the analytic report and let you know the performance of your site.

Visitors from organic traffic are usually prospective customers that have interests on your products. They may be equipped with cash and ready to buy as long as the offer on your site looks right to then. Not every customer will convert. Therefore, you must rank for a variety of keywords to get enough customers and conversion rate. Higher ranking on the SERP will ultimately increase your page-rank. Google still uses page-rank although the page-rank toolbar has already retired.

Many campaigns like Panda and Penguin have been carried out to punish webmasters who make mistakes in the off-page seo campaign, for example, using black hat seo method. For this reason, it is important to have knowledge in SEO before implementing a SEO campaign. If you are not sure you can run the SEO campaign yourself, it is best that you hire an off-page SEO services agency.

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