How To Make Your Site Rank Better in Search Engine Results: Top Ways To Be An Ace SEO Player

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You might have a website with all the right aesthetics and you even share useful information there on a regular basis. But is your site missing out on adequate traffic? Then it’s time that you need to take a look at how SEO-friendly your site is.

Since the majority of online surfers discover a website from search engine results, you need to re-evaluate the relationship between your site and search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The better you optimize your site for search engines, the higher it will appear in search engine results.

10 Ways To Make Your Site Rank Better

There are certain precise things that a search engine crawler looks for while ranking a site in its results. And if it doesn’t find them in your site, it will not rank you among the top results.

1. Keywords: Too Less or Too Much?

Keywords are what search engine bots look for while listing a site in its results. You should research on the commonly used keywords pertaining to a topic, and make use of them in your pages. However, you should ensure that you do not spam your pages with irrelevant keywords as that would make the bots suspicious of your site, resulting in a lower ranking.

2. XML Sitemap: Guide to the Web Crawler

An XML sitemap is important for a website because search engines not only list websites but also relevant web pages pertaining to a search keyword. There are some web building tools that help generate these automatically.

3. Image Optimization: is it important?

Image optimization is albeit an important part of optimizing a website. Make sure you label and size your images properly, as well as take care to define their ‘Alt’ tags. The images should also be in a proper format, either JPEG or PNG.

4. Use Robots.txt

This is a text file that lists the pages in your site that the search engine bots would crawl while indexing. It also excludes the parts of the site that it will ignore.

5. Short URLs: or Long Ones?

The shorter the URL of a page, the quicker it is likely to be found. Thus make sure that your pages do not have long URLs or that you don’t link pages with long URLs in your page. It might hamper the overall ranking of your website in search engine results.

In case you want to use a multi-word URL, make use of a hyphen instead of an underscore.

 6. Working Links

Your website should not have links that lead to nowhere or even blank pages. These adversely affect the ranking of your site. Also, make sure that pages in your site have a link that leads back to the homepage.

7. Interaction is the Key

If you regularly reply to queries and comments on your website, this is a good way to better your search engine ranking. If you have a customer forum for your brand page, make sure someone is always available to speak for the brand on the platform.

8. Paid Links: should or should not?

While purchasing backlinks is a common and easy way to redirect traffic to your site, it can penalize your search engine ranking. If you must use paid links at all, don’t forget to put the ‘rel no follow’ attribute on the links.

9. Meta Description: still relevant?

Title tags or meta descriptions are still an important factor to consider in SEO. Try to write a few words about what tour page is about. It definitely helps in better visibility, and in turn, a better ranking of the website in search engine results.

10. Use Backlink Checker Tool

Using n inline backlink checker tool can be pretty useful in knowing how your backlinks work best. These can also reveal what works best for your rivals, so you know the shortcut to success! 

While you can go ahead and employ the above techniques for a better search engine optimized website, it is to take note that search engines keep on changing their algorithm always. So while few techniques might work for you better this year, the same techniques might not be relevant the next year. SEO strategies need to evolve in accordance with the changing topology of search analysis.

You can choose to opt for professional services that will determine SEO strategies for your site. This is because they are always better equipped and informed than us regarding what’s changing in the SEO market.

We all want the best SEO techniques and better rankings for our websites, but this is a strategy we need to constantly upgrade. It is a competition that cannot be won but can be given the best shot, with the right support whenever needed.

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