Seven Tips on Choosing the Right SEO Company

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Tips To choose SEO Company

SEO Company: The choice on which SEO company to hire is an important decision as it concerns your online business. Before hiring, you must carry out a thorough check on the SEO company to determine whether they are able to do a good job of improving your site’s ranking. The following are 7 tips on hiring the right global SEO services company.

  1. Check Portfolio

You can ask the SEO company to provide you with their most recent portfolio. The portfolio will contain a list of sites that they are currently managing or have managed in the past. The portfolio should contain contact information of the clients so that you can speak to them personally and ask for their feedback.

  1. Ask How They Can Improve Your Site’s Ranking

If you find they have a good portfolio, you can proceed to ask about how they are going to improve your search engine ranking. Usually, they will offer an initial free evaluation and point out the issues on your site. The consultant must provide suggestions on the on-page/off-page optimization strategies that they will implement in the proposal.

On-page SEO refers to optimizations done on the site, for example, making the site’s URL more SEO friendly, creating a well organized internal linking structure, and adding targeted keywords to the posts’ titles and headings. Off-page SEO allows people to find your content through a link on third party site, for example. social bookmarking, guest posting, and article directories.

  1. No Black Hat SEO Method

There should not be any black hat or grey hat method in the SEO strategies. The consultant must abide by the webmaster guidelines when carrying out the SEO campaign. Not following the webmaster guidelines can result in a low ranking or getting a permanent ban on the search result.

  1. Sharing the Changes On Your Site

It is important that the consultant share with you all the changes he make on your website. Usually, the consultant has to make a few changes to the site, for example, adding content, and changing the page coding. This allows you to review the changes and give them permission on carrying out the suggested changes.

  1. Red Flag on Number One Ranking Guarantee

You must avoid SEO companies that guarantee you will achieve number one ranking. No one know what criteria the algorithm uses to rank a site so it is not possible to guarantee a site ranking. The search engine company is the only one that can dictate whether your site will rank high or low in the search result. However, you may ask for an estimate on how long they will take to get the website rank.

  1. Local Search Optimization

If you are a local brick-and-mortar business, you will want to hire a global SEO service that is experienced in local search optimization. When optimized for local SEO, your site will show up in the local listings. If it does not, people can still find your site by clicking on More Places in the local search result on Google.

  1. Measurement of Campaign Performance with Analytics

The SEO company must use an advanced analytic software to track the performance of the campaign. Every now and then, they should generate a report and share it with you. In this way, you’ll know whether there is any improvement on the site ever since you hire the SEO service.

From the statistic report, you can know how much traffic you are receiving from each inbound link, as well as the keywords people search and land on your site. You can ask the SEO consultant if you have any question on the analytic report. You must ask the consultant on the frequency they will share the analytic report with you. Finally, you must not forget to ask for their opinion on how they will use the data in the analytics to improve your site ranking.

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