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The Future of Sustainable Fashion Marketing

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Fashion Marketing

The naked truth is that VR fashion and 3D-printed designs have some stumbling blocks to overcome before they go mainstream. But there is one area of the fashion industry that is begging for eco-friendly innovation: Fashion marketing.

Sustainable Fashion

Every fashion house is looking for ways to trim costs and deliver more on-trend designs to their loyal fans.

We can (and should) fight to support sustainable materials throughout the industry. But sustainable fashion marketing makes dollars and sense right now. And that means we can change hearts and minds that much faster.

Niche Designers are Flipping for Fashion

The internet and social media have done amazing things for niche designers. The right picture on Instagram can go viral and reach millions of fans in a flash. Entire Facebook communities have joined together to support sustainable fashion. It really is an exciting time to be alive.

But there’s one tool I’m surprised more fashionistas haven’t leveraged: Flipboard. Yes, I’m talking about the news aggregation platform that allows you to flip through your favourite stories.

If you are passionate about sustainable fashion, and you aren’t using Flipboard to present your catalogue to your audience, you’re missing out on a real opportunity.

Anyone can create a digital magazine that features their designs. Some designers are working together to collaborate with other sustainability-centred brands. Readers can subscribe for updates and keep tabs on the things they’re most passionate about.


Skip the Trunk Shows

Have you ever stopped to think about the carbon footprint created by all of the flights, rental cars and convention functions? The fashion industry is trapped in an environmentally brutal cycle of trade shows, runways and trunk shows.

It’s time to firmly plant our heels in the sand. We can prevent millions of metric tons of carbon from seeping into the air by simply staying home and communicating with our fans digitally.

The days of needing a degree in Photoshop and a professional studio for shoots are over. You can snap a photo with your smartphone, use an easy-to-use background remover and upload your entire catalogue to the cloud.

Virtually anyone with an internet connection can view your content. And if you really want to be extra, start curating your own YouTube channel – stuffed with fashion tutorials centred around your incredible designs.

It’s time to choose environmentally friendly digital advertising overprint and in-person marketing.

Influence will never lose its digital luster.

Building your own audience takes time and dedication. The only real shortcut is paid advertising and/or influencer marketing. For niche designers, influencer marketing is the best bang for the buck. If you can get someone’s favourite celebrity to wear your clothes or mention your brand, it’s a virtual guarantee that they’ll be looking at your catalogue next.

The good news is that you already have an “in”. Social media and YouTube sensations love eco-friendly initiatives. If you can position your brand around saving the environment – and basic b****es from fashion disasters – you’ve got a conversation starter.

No matter how you market your sustainable fashion line, it’s time to start living a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle. We’re simply running out of time.

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