What Does SEO Company Do for Your Site in On-Page SEO Services

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On-Page SEO Services By SEO Company

On-page SEO service is crucial to every online business’ campaign. Without on-page SEO, your site won’t rank even if it has great content or a large following base on the social media platform. You might be wondering what does the SEO company do to your site in on-page SEO services. The following are 7 ways how the SEO company will optimize your site in on-page SEO services on-page SEO services.

1. Title Optimization
The title of the page is the first line of the sentence that people will read. The SEO consultant will make sure each page has a unique title that is optimized with 1 – 2 keywords. He will try to include the keyword at the start of the title. If it is not possible to include it in the first word, he will try to include it in the first 10 – 15 characters.

The keyword that the consultant uses is relevant to the page’s content. This will enable the search engine to easily determine what your page is about and rank it accordingly in the search result. The consultant will make sure that there is no page with the default tag-line, “Page Name|Blog Title” on your site.

2. Meta Description
On every page, the consultant will add a meta description. For the meta description, the consultant will write a concise and engaging summary of the page content. Usually, the meta description is not more than 300 characters and is optimized with at least 1 – 2 keywords.

3. Optimizing the URL
The URL is also important in on-page SEO optimization. Including a keyword in the URL can be a good idea as the front part of the URL often appear in the search result along with the meta description. In performing the on-page SEO services, the SEO consultant will format the URL on every page to make sure they are short and reader-friendly. In this way, people can remember your URL and come to your page directly by typing it in the browser bar next time.

4. Heading Tags
The consultant will go through all the content on your site and make sure they are broken up to sections. The heading tag is the most useful for this purpose. The consultant will use the heading tags including H1, H2, H3 and H4 accordingly. Heading tags help the search engine to determine the topics discussed and their level of importance in the content. The consultant will also make sure that the heading tag includes 1 – 2 targeted keywords.

5. Internal Linking
The consultant makes sure that highly targeted anchor text is used to link relevant posts. Internal linking can help the search engine to more effectively crawl your site. The consultant will be careful not to include too many internal links on a single page so that your site will not be flagged as spamming.

6. Incorporate Keyword Naturally
The SEO consultant will incorporate the keywords naturally throughout the content. He will abide by the keyword density rule. The keyword density rule is the same keyword must not be repeated for more than 2 – 5% of the total word count in the body content. The consultant can use a synonym of the keyword to substitute the meaning of the keyword and prevent mentioning it too many times.

7. Upload Your Sitemap to the Webmaster Tool
The consultant can help you to generate a XML sitemap and add it to the webmaster tool. Submitting your sitemap to the webmaster tool allows the search engine to crawl all the pages of the site conveniently and get it indexed faster. If any error is noted, the consultant will fix it immediately.

XML sitemap submission is all the more important for a large site that has hundreds of pages. The consultant can use the no index tag to specify the URLs which you don’t want to include in the search engine index.

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