Why is CMU Good for B. Arch?

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Carnegie-Mellon University has a golden history of disciplined excellence in the field of architecture. This is indeed a subject of matter to discuss what distinguishes CMU in B. Arch from other NAAB-accredited degree programs. 

CMU ensures that five years of B. Arch journey should never go in vain without any practical experience. No matter which sector you seek to specialize in, the sub-field of the B. Arch program allows you to take a different degree to study in. 

Program Structure of CMU B. ARCH

Before getting into the famous criteria that make a difference in having a B. Arch degree, we need to know what CMU offers. With the accreditation of the National Architectural Accrediting Board, the B. Arch program is a total package of Five Year Degree Program.

This program intends to help students pursue a career as licensed architects. CMU offers a STEM-eligible B. Arch program where a student gets a one-year OPT- Optical Practical Training, an F1 visa for STEM OPT by graduation. 

Top 5 Features that Make CMU Good for B. Arch

Every year, an appreciable amount of students apply to be a part of the B. Arc Five year’s education path. The acceptance rate in the Architecture field tells us how significant it plays a role in CMU.

Although aspiring applicants go through tough competition to get into CMU, the architecture field offers a higher probability of getting a chance as it is a self-selecting qualification.

1. Interdisciplinary Learning and Research

CMU offers an exciting undergraduate curriculum in which students learn architectural fundamentals in the beginning years and decide their further plans with immense freedom.

A variety of studios and electives prepares students to get a hand-to-hand experience in designing complex buildings and also get to know about Simulation theory and many such complex ideas. If students are interested in specializing in robotics-based electives, CMU facilitates them to get a degree in that field.

Three Diversified NAAB-accredited courses in the B. Arch Program

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General Studies: This section includes basic knowledge of the humanities, fine arts, mathematics, natural and social sciences and allows students to achieve a broad understanding.

Professional Studies: This section includes architectural contents that lead the pathway to licensure.

Optional Studies: This section focuses on individual expertise with academic and professional study curriculum. These courses also include a few curricular structures, elective programs, certificate programs.

2. Learning Urban Designs through Roaming in Pittsburgh City

Our would-be designers have the opportunity to learn more extensively while living in an urban environment like Pittsburgh. Since Pittsburgh is a laboratory partner of CMU, the city provides several elite architectural firms to get experience working in design studios.

3. The Use of Advanced Technology in B. Arch Curriculum

The rapid increase of advanced technology in the education sector has an impact on architecture education. Students get to learn more updated design and fabrication strategies in their curriculum.

Although the whole world is going through a shift from analog to the digital era, B. Arch graduates will empower themselves by using hybrid methods on their projects.

4. Getting Hands-on Experience of Studio Life

For every architecture student, studio spaces are the kind of the backbone of undergraduate education. CMU offers you a good knowledge of design thinking with collaboration with hundreds of peers and professors.

CMU knows your passion for architecture. Following that, the B. Arc program engages you in an intensive conversation with your professors regarding sketching and project-related works.

5. Opportunity to Collaborate in ASOS

ASOS, advanced synthesis option studios, are advanced studios that offer students to collaborate in technology, research and design, and ecological thinking like Simulation creationism. Students can learn more about materials, fabrication tools, and form strategies with the help of CMU.  

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Final Words

Due to the intensive curriculum in the B. Arc program, students get to study and follow their design thinking in every course. No two years have gone by.

The Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture has ranked the eleventh position in the Design Intelligence Ranking of Architecture School 2019-20. CMU takes architecture students to a stage where they learn and get in touch with professional organizations after five years of curricular journey.

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