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Why Online gaming Business is So Popular in EU Countries?

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The discovery of the internet was one of the best things that happened in human history. With this technology, everything in life has become easier. Our work has shifted online. So did our education and entertainment.

Speaking of entertainment, the gaming industry is the one that is has gone through some massive changes. Now you can play and experience your favorite gaming games from anywhere using your smartphone or computer. The ease of accessibility and 24/7 availability is what made the popularity of online gamings boom throughout the world. To make your games more interesting, we’re bringing mFortune free spins that will give you a headstart in the journey!

Today, we will talk about how online gaming businesses have risen in popularity in the European Union countries. So without further ado, let us see how.

Why Online gaming Business is So Popular in EU Countries?

The popularity of online gamings was boosted around the world for its amazing features and advantage. The same factors came to play for boosting the popularity of online gamings in the European Union. Here are some of them.

  • Trust

Trust is the most important fact of all things everywhere. Trust is what drives people back to a place again and again. The online gamings in the European Union made sure that they stay trusted and reliable to the European players.

They did it by taking licenses from various European authorities and made sure that all laws are implemented in their online gaming business. They also made sure that the player’s safety is fully assured.

All these factors of law and implementation made the online gamings of Europe gain trust in the heart of the European citizens. And that is the first factor that boosted the popularity of online gamings in the European Union.

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  • Accessibility

Another fact that boosted the popularity of online gamings in the European Union is how easily accessible it is. All you need is a device like a computer or a smartphone and an internet connection.

With these devices, you can play at your favorite online gamings from anywhere. From your home or your office during lunch break. Even from an airplane when you are bored. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can log in and gamble all you want.

The Mobile play version of online gamings is the most used one rather than the computer ones. According to statistics done in 2018, 43% of all bets in the online gamings were made using mobile apps and the number is still rising.

Some of the European Union countries are showing results of 70% of bets made using mobile apps. This proves that the mobile play versions of online gamings are leading the popularity of online gamings forward.

  • Open 24/7

There is a saying that Europeans are laid backs. But that is not always true some Europeans are workaholics. These workaholic persons are always stressed out about work that they could not make time for some mental relief in gamings.

For those persons, online gamings are a great alternative because they are open 24/7. You can log in and play anytime you are free. This flexibility of time has helped the online gaming businesses catch more and more players around the world and that includes Europe.

This is how 24/7 availability has made online gamings acceptable by all European Union gamblers.

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  • Socializing and making new friends

We all know how revolutionizing the social media platform is. They have completely changed the world, our view of friendship and culture. Online gaming companies are trying to do the same thing by integrating social media with their games.

Now you can invite your friends through social media like Facebook and play some gaming games like poker with them. Or you may come across someone interesting among random players and who knows you guys could become very good friends.

This socializing aspect of online gamings can help some depressed peoples and thus make online gamings helpful for treating mental illness. These opportunities of online gamings have affected the popularity of online gamings in the European Union.


Even the first-class land base gamings sometimes fall short in providing good competition. That is because it has mostly consisted of the local gamblers. Playing with the same persons every day makes things less interesting and competitive.

But this scenario is completely different in online gamings. There you get to play with new players all around the world every day.

These online gamings regularly conduct the competition and global tournaments. You can participate in them for a good competition and win lots of money if you are lucky. This competitive nature of online gaming is another factor of popularity in the European Union.

New games and Jackpots

One of the most obvious problems of offline land-based gamings is the games. It is the same games for years after year. We cannot blame them because a new physical gaming game machine like slots is very expensive.

That is why they hardly change the machines. But in online gamings, there is nothing mechanical. It is all software and codes. Making a new game here is much cheaper and quicker. That is why you get to experience new online gaming games every week.

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Bottom Line

These are but a few factors that have pushed the online gaming business’ popularity in the European Union. And recent events indicate that it will continue to be popular in EU for a long time.

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